Shut Up & Sit Down

So, yeah. I left the boys at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, bless ’em, and am now a free boy once again.

Free as a bird. Or, perhaps, free as a board.

Shut Up & Sit Down is one of the new projects I’m working on. Inspired by both RPS and the DIY video work of comedian Robert Florence, whose shows Consolevania and Downtime Town probably represent my favourite games journalism since Tim Rogers dropped off the circuit.

It’s a blog and a TV show about board games. Over the last eight months my love of board games has developed into a love almost as thick and cloying as my love for video games, meaning I have to write about them. I just have to do it. Also, I have to be sent them for free. It is Necessary.

The video work involved in SU&SD is turning out to be quite a thing. Making lengthy video shows demands a ridiculous amount of skills from a person ranging from “Being able to talk” to learning about audio composition and file compression. I’m having amazing fun developing those skills and basically gaining experience points.

Anyway, I hope you’ll be reading! I expect I’ll still be doing the odd post here from time to time, but who knows? Who knows.



  1. You should have said “free as a board”. Wait, no, you shouldn’t have said “free as a board”.

  2. “Shut up and sit down” is my warcry as my colleagues and I attempt to get each of 2,500-odd PCs in Bath’s main hospital to connect to the new computer system, which loves to bombard me with unwanted popups, notifications, statutory notices, dire threats, error messages, invitations to set up security questions for obsolescent key-holding software, queries on if I’d like to allow IE to run the plugin required by the new system, requests for me to log in…

    “Board games” are the shenanigans between the directors over whether the hospital needs 70 temps like me to help the imminent changeover or 150, and if they need any kind of training anywhere, or to budget for their pay.

  3. *Looks at photograph* Hey! Got any grapes? :D

    Board games, you say? I’d like to be into board gaming, I suppose, but one of the prerequisites is ‘obliging friends’. Which sort of locks me out, since I’m still working on just ‘friends’. :'(

  4. DrazharLn says:

    I’ve already subscribed to the SU&SD RSS feed. Sorry to see you go from RPS, looking forward to your future works, especially as my own interest in board games has blossomed at Uni.

    @Alex Ford, find a gaming club, visit a local gaming/comic shop. Press gang friends into playing, they’ll probably enjoy it.

  5. You left RPS for THIS?

    I can dig it. Or, perhaps, dig it as a board.

  6. Leaving RPS is a betrayal that will echo through time and space for all eternity, obviously. This new thing is quite good though.

  7. Your writing-voodoo turned me into a reader/lurker zombie anyway, mindlessly and eerily following your words wherever you chose to lay them down. (The brain center for apt metaphors got fried in the zombifying process as well, I fear.)

    But to ask for something nevertheless, from the depth of my decomposed heart:
    Didn’t you want to publish the odd chunk of your travel writing about “better places” now and then? I immensly enjoyed the pieces about the not so good places (and Journey of Saga, obviously), so I really hope that you won’t abandon this blog altogether.

    But maybe I should just shut up, and sit down.

  8. Just wondering: After RPS, why the decision to go for a no-comments approach?

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