Journey of Saga, pt. 1

Confession time. Some of you might be aware that I’m travelling to the Far East this week. I said I was just going backpacking.

That, I admit, wasn’t entirely true.

A week ago I received this in the mail:

It could be a prank, of course. Or a trap laid by some evil-headed madman… But what choice do I have? We’ve all been waiting for the Citizen Kane of videogames for so long. What if it’s out there, waiting for us?

I leave in two days.



  1. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    You must pursue, for Great Justice!

  2. That flowery letter set indicates that it could /only/ be a trap.

    What if you’re actually being lured to gaming’s Apocalypse Now in order to kill gaming’s Colonel Kurtz?

    This is a very real possibility that must be considered.

  3. Demon Beaver says:

    I wish I would get that sort of mail…
    Good luck on your journey! Bring back an amazing game!
    And don’t die…

  4. Velvet Fist, Iron Glove says:

    Who needs gaming’s Citizen Kane when we already have Citizen Abel?

  5. So this citizen (sugar) cane is Tim’s pretense of a videogame?

  6. By “pt. 1” I assume you mean part one of the Chronicle of the Journey of Saga, then?

  7. Eth-Zee says:

    I’m putting my metaphorical chips on “gets roughed up, kidneys thieved by angry former members of State”.

    Good luck! In the immortal words of Moira Brown, try not to die!

  8. POORMAN says:

    Back packing in the far east?

    You couldn’t be more upper-middle-class if you tried.

  9. So…did you but a plane ticket to “east”?

    You know, “travel east” could mean visiting Leeds, for all you know.

  10. HexagonalBolts says:

    Uhhh… has nobody noticed that ‘Cane’ is spelt wrong in the letter?

  11. I hope you’re not coming here to Bangkok. The army is shooting at people at the end of my street.

  12. Eth-Zee says:

    “East” is fairly vague. Unless he’s following the address on the letter.

    Or (the more likely answer) that this is a semi-fictional thing, like an ARG; the whole “letter from mysterious stranger” thing is an embellishment to a trip to a games company out east to preview something interesting. This is just his way of making us salivate like dawgs over the hint of SPECIAL NEW THING.

  13. GarageGothic says:

    Uh-oh, a quick google search of the (mis-)spelling “Citizen Cane” reveals it’s the name BDSM/fetish porn site. A bit too late for a warning I suppose, but whatever happens to Quinns at least we’ll have it on streaming video. Best of luck! :)

  14. It’s a joke and the obvious misspelling is what gives it away. The journey will only lead to some sort of cane.

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