Jan, 2010

January’s almost over, and let me tell you I’ve been FIGHTIN’. It’s been a fightin’ month.

Fighting where? Fighting how? Let me tell you.

Gameboys From Hell

Some people are calling it the best piece of games journalism they’ve ever read! Other, less well-read people are calling it the best thing they’ve read, ever!

Me? I just state the facts. At the end of last year I started playing a game of play-by-email indie masterpiece Solium Infernum with 5 other players. Gameboys From Hell is a 35,000 word diary of that game, as written by 4 of us. It works as both a story and massively in-depth tutorial. You can read part 1 here, and find parts 2-8 here.

Love Beta

Procedurally-generated curiosity MMOG Love has finally hit beta, and it’s grown up to become a strange creature with bad problems. Head down to Eurogamer to read what I make of it.

Napoleon: Total War

Empire: Total War was the Total War game that finally made me lose all interest in this series, so I’m either the best or worst person to cover the sequel. Not sure which. Read my tired, cynical hands-on for Eurogamer right here.

But you guys deserve more than this! Please, allow me to present capsule reviews of everything else I’ve been playing this month.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Picked this up because Gamasutra called it the DS game of 2009. And it is. Or it might be. I don’t even know anymore, and I care less. It combines two of the Japanese games industry’s favourite systems, grid based tactics and turn based RPG-style battles, and the result is as cold and compelling as leftover pizza.

Fuck the DS. I cannot believe this is the best it’s got to offer from the entire year.

DJ Hero

I’m pretty glad DJ Hero isn’t selling well. I mean, it’s really, really fun, but the mass proliferation of all the songs in Guitar Hero and Rock Band almost drove me to self-harm. I actually used to work in a bar where the manager’s playlist for the overhead speakers was composed entirely of tracks from Guitar Hero 1, Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band. Those were some long-ass nightshifts.

Second Life

It’s still monumentally fucked up! Perhaps even more so!

Here’s the thing though. Everyone always talks about either how successful Second Life is, or that it’s full of sex. Nobody’s touched on the obvious point that it’s successful because it’s full of sex, and talked about what that means. That’s what I’m working on right now. Along with THIS!

Supreme Commander 2

I’m playing this too. Can’t say anything just yet, except that it’s really not what I expected. Or wanted.



  1. Please let Supreme Commander 2 be good.

  2. Wow you’ve been busy. Funny how one can have a lot of time to play games when PLAYING GAMES IS ONE’S JOB.
    Some of us just have jobs.

    Aaaaany way, I really loved the SI report, just so you know and I congratulate


    for winning.

    I wish I had the right friends to play this with.
    I wish I had friends.

  3. Glad to hear the Napoleon is the game that Empire should have been. I assume they will send me a free copy seeing as I already paid for Empire but it is so monumentally broken as to be useless.

  4. DrazharLn says:

    Do you want or need another 5 days Love-time?

    I’ll add you as my referral, if you want. (I need your username on Love for this, obviously)

    I really enjoyed the RPS SI stuff as well, good job :P

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