Solium Infernum

So I’m currently playing THIS:

“Holy shit! What is that?” you ask. “That looks… kinda lame!”

SILENCE. It’s called Solium Infernum, it’s a play by email strategy game and you can buy it here.

“Wait, uh. Why would we want to buy it?”

JESUS CHRIST. Because it’s amazing, that’s why! It’s hugely creative and painstakingly designed to encourage scheming, risk-taking and being a bastard.

“Well, have you written about it in detail somewhere?”

YES, right here.

“And is it always that ugly?”

NO, sometimes the screen is full of text, like this:


YEAH, well, what are you gonna do, y’know.



  1. sorry, Quinns, this isn’t really about Solium Infernum.
    I was just wondering why you don’t enable an RSS feed on this blog? It’s easier to know when new stuff’s on.

    • Yeah! YEAH!##

      Okay a link to an RSS feed can now be found at the very bottom of the page. It breaks the template a little bit, but I don’t mind if you don’t.

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